Croc Series Retrospective - Croc The Legend of Gobbos & Croc 2 Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, PC, & Nintendo Game Boy Color Game Review

Croc: The Crocodile Hero - A Classic Platforming Adventure Series

Croc 3D computer rendering

Take a nostalgic trip back to the world of Croc as we explore the iconic series whose games appeared on the Sony PlayStation, Sega Saturn, PC, and Game Boy Color. Developed by Argonaut Games (the creators of Star Fox), these charming platforming adventures introduced us to the lovable crocodile hero Croc in his quest to rescue his Gobbo friends and defeat the villainous Baron Dante. With their colorful visuals, engaging gameplay mechanics, and endearing characters, Croc 1 and Croc 2 were both great games that brought 3D Mario 64-style platforming to the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn, and the handheld versions were both worthwhile additions to the series as well. Let's dive into the Croc series and relive the magic of these classic titles.

Croc 1: An Adorable Crocodile Hero is Born:

Croc Legend of Gobbos Sony PlayStation screenshot

Croc 1 introduced us to the eponymous crocodile hero and his quest to rescue the Gobbos from the clutches of the wicked Baron Dante. As you navigate through a variety of enchanting worlds, you'll encounter challenging platforming, a bunch of collectibles, and some memorable boss battles. With its adorable characters, colorful graphics, and Tomb Raider-esque controls, Croc 1 provided an accessible and enjoyable gameplay experience, allowing players of all ages to guide Croc through levels full of treacherous obstacles and platforming puzzles.

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Croc 2: Expanding the Crocodile Adventure:

Croc 2 Sony PlayStation screenshot

Building upon the success of its predecessor, Croc 2 expanded the Croc universe with new environments, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and a deeper storyline. In Croc 2, players embarked on a quest to find the missing Gobbo King while contending with the sneaky villain, Baron Dante. The game introduced exciting new features, such as new power-ups, rideable vehicles, and diverse mini-games, adding some more variety and excitement to the gameplay experience.

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Both Croc 1 and Croc 2 offered a delightful blend of platforming challenges, precision jumps, and puzzle-solving elements. You have to navigate through intricately designed levels filled with traps, enemies, and hidden secrets. The games rewards exploration with collectible crystals, Gobbos to rescue, and bonus levels that add replay value. From dodging spikes and leaping across moving platforms to timing jumps and solving environmental puzzles, the Croc series provides a satisfying mix of skill-based challenges and brain-teasing puzzles.

Croc for the Game Boy Color: A Pocket-Sized Crocodile Adventure

Croc Nintendo Game Boy Color screenshot

In addition to the main 3D Croc games, the beloved crocodile hero also made his way to the portable realm with Croc for the Game Boy Color. Developed by Natsume, this handheld adaptation captured the essence of the original Croc games while providing a unique 2D experience tailored for on-the-go gaming.

Despite the limitations of the Game Boy Color's hardware, Croc for the handheld console managed to deliver a condensed version of the crocodile's platforming adventures. Players could once again guide Croc through a series of challenging levels, collecting crystals and rescuing Gobbo friends along the way. While the visuals were obviously scaled down compared to its console counterparts, the game retained the vibrant and colorful aesthetic that defined the Croc series and made the transition to 2D seamlessly.

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Croc 2 for the Game Boy Color: The Pocket-Sized Crocodile Adventure Continues

Croc 2 Nintendo Game Boy Color screenshot

Following the success of the first Croc adaptation on the handheld, the Game Boy Color saw the release of Croc 2, bringing more crocodile-powered excitement to handheld gamers. Croc 2 for the Game Boy Color built upon the foundation of its predecessor, ditching the 2D side-scrolling action of the first Game Boy port for a 2D top-down Zelda-style action adventure that more closely resembles the original game. Croc 2 on the Game Boy Color offers a nice new adventure with RPG-style gameplay elements.

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Legacy and Nostalgia:

One of the highlights of the Croc series is its charming and memorable cast of characters. From Croc's adorable Gobbo friends to quirky adversaries and helpful allies, the games were populated with vibrant personalities. Each character brought a unique charm to the adventure, whether it was the playful Gobbo twins or the mischievous Beany Birds. The endearing interactions and humorous dialogues provide plenty of charm that only adds to the overall experience.

The Croc series is a shining example of classic platforming adventures in the early days of 3D gaming. Whether you're revisiting the series or discovering it for the first time, Croc 1 and Croc 2 will transport you to a world filled with crocodile heroics, challenging platforming, and whimsical charm. So, dust off your PlayStation or Saturn, grab your controller, and get ready for a crocodile-powered adventure that will ignite your nostalgia for the 32-bit platformer era.

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