Retro Resources

Welcome to our Retro Resources page, featuring links to other retro-gaming related sites. The sites linked on this page all provide helpful and interesting video gaming content that we think users of our site will also enjoy.


GameFAQs - Helpful FAQs, walkthroughs, user reviews, and message boards.

IGN - Video game news, reviews, and walkthroughs. This site has been around for a long time and all of their old news articles are still available to read.

Game Informer - The website for one of the longest-running video gaming magazines.

SonicHQ - A Sonic The Hedgehog fan site that's been around since 1998. The ultimate Sonic database.

Sega-16 - Reviews and interviews related to all things Sega.

8-Bit Central - A retro gaming site with detailed photos and information on retro consoles, along with reviews, videos, and blog articles.

Sylverant - Private server that hosts Phantasy Star Online.

InfinityRetro - Cool retro gaming site with a ton of classic video game reviews