Rent A Hero No. 1 For Sega Dreamcast Unofficial Fan Translation English Patch Download

The wait is over! Rent A Hero No. 1 for the Sega Dreamcast is now fully playable in English!

Thanks to a dedicated group of fans led by VincentNL, going by the name of the Rent-A-Modders, we now finally have a fully translated version of Sega's classic Dreamcast action-RPG Rent A Hero No. 1: Hero For Hire! The original Dreamcast version was released only in Japan in 2000 (later ported in 2003 for the Japanese Microsoft Xbox - an English version was planned for release in North America as well but was sadly cancelled), and was a 3D remake of the original Japanese Sega Mega Drive game called Rent A Hero which was released in 1991. The Dreamcast remake was built using the engine of the hit arcade game Spikeout, and feels like a humorous, tongue-in-cheek counterpart to Shenmue.

Rent A Hero No 1 Sega Dreamcast English Translation Patch screenshot

This new patch isn't just a translation either - it features all-new exclusive content, which according to the developers include "unlockable secrets, 3D models, VMU animations, [Opening/Ending subtitles], reworked interface controls, Debug modes and much more!"


.GDI patch

.CDI patch

Esppiral’s widescreen patch: (Game assets don't use 16:9 resolution, so some visual issues may occur)

.GDI widescreen patch

.CDI widescreen patch

Rent A Hero No. 1 Sega Dreamcast English Translation Patch screenshot

Rent A Hero No 1 Sega Dreamcast screenshot

Thanks again to VincentNL and his team for all of their hard work! Check him out on Patreon and Twitter.

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