Monday, 1 May 2023

Rent A Hero No. 1 For Sega Dreamcast Unofficial Fan Translation English Patch Download

The wait is over! Rent A Hero No. 1 for the Sega Dreamcast is now fully playable in English!

Thanks to a dedicated group of fans led by VincentNL, going by the name of the Rent-A-Modders, we now finally have a fully translated version of Sega's classic Dreamcast action-RPG Rent A Hero No. 1: Hero For Hire! The original Dreamcast version was released only in Japan in 2000 (later ported in 2003 for the Japanese Microsoft Xbox - an English version was planned for release in North America as well but was sadly cancelled), and was a 3D remake of the original Japanese Sega Mega Drive game called Rent A Hero which was released in 1991. The Dreamcast remake was built using the engine of the hit arcade game Spikeout, and feels like a humorous, tongue-in-cheek counterpart to Shenmue.

This new patch isn't just a translation either - it features all-new exclusive content, which according to the developers include "unlockable secrets, 3D models, VMU animations, [Opening/Ending subtitles], reworked interface controls, Debug modes and much more!"


.GDI patch

.CDI patch

Esppiral’s widescreen patch: (Game assets don't use 16:9 resolution, so some visual issues may occur)

.GDI widescreen patch

.CDI widescreen patch

Thanks again to VincentNL and his team for all of their hard work! Check him out on Patreon and Twitter.

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