Tomba! Returns: Limited Run Games Announces the Classic Platformer for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC

Tomba! Limited Run Games announcement

Get ready to swing back into action as Limited Run Games, in collaboration with creator Tokuro Fujiwara, has announced Tomba! for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. This beloved platforming gem from the past will be resurrected on modern consoles, thanks to the power of the Carbon Engine. Additionally, fans will be treated to a new soundtrack by the legendary FUJITA HARUMI, further enhancing the nostalgic experience.

Tomba!, also known as Tombi! in PAL territories, originally debuted on the Sony PlayStation as a first-party mascot platformer back in 1997. Developed by Whoopee Camp and created by the acclaimed Tokuro Fujiwara, the game introduced players to the energetic and pink-haired hero, Tomba. Known for its colorful visuals, classic 2D platforming gameplay, and quirky humor, Tomba! quickly won the hearts of players and became a cult classic.

Adding to the excitement, the talented composer Harumi Fujita of the original Tomba! and many other classic games, has returned to craft a new soundtrack for the game's revival on modern consoles.

You can watch the reveal trailer here:

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