Virtua Racing Coming To Nintendo Switch

Sega has unveiled a remaster of Virtua Racing for the Nintendo Switch created by wunderkind developer M2 and available now for download in Japan. There's yet to be any word on whether this new entry in the Sega Ages series of classic Sega remakes will be released in North America or Europe, but there's a very good chance of that happening in the future.

Here's the trailer for the Switch version:

Virtua Racing was a landmark title when it was released in the arcades, introducing gamers to a fully polygonal 3D world to race in at a blistering frame rate. The Nintendo Switch version retains the classic flat-shaded aesthetic of the arcade original with some subtle graphical updates like a 60 frames per second framerate, much better screen resolution, and higher resolution shadow meshes. The Switch version even has an 8-player splitscreen option to emulate the arcade game's multiplayer. It looks like it will be even better that the arcade game and we can't wait to play it! Here's hoping it will eventually get a physical release in the west!

If you can't wait for the Nintendo Switch version, check out the Virtua Racing home ports for the Sega Genesis, Sega 32X, and Sega Saturn!

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